PDVF Film with High Weather Resistance and Corrosion Resistance

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PVDF membranes, i.e., polyvinylidene difluoride membranes, are a type of solid-phase support commonly used in Western blotting. Being hydrophobic, at the same time, as the membrane pore size continually decreases, the more firmly binding to the low molecular weight protein, so has a high mechanical strength, is an ideal solid-phase support material in the imprinting method.

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The PVDF membrane, which has the characteristics of both fluorine resin and universal resin, has special properties, such as piezoelectric, dielectric, and thermoelectric, in addition to its good chemical and corrosion resistance, high temperature and oxidation resistance, weatherization, and radiation resistance. Unaffected by the atmospheric environment, fully meets the requirement of weatherization and use outdoors for more than three decades.



Anti Aging Assay Report:

PVDF Membrane-12

Performance Parameters

1. Density 1.76 ~ 1.77, MP 160 ~ 170 ° C, acceptable for use in the - 60 ~ 150 ° C range.

2. Strong wear resistance and impact resistance; And high antifade versus UV resistance in extreme harsh versus harsh environments;

3. High strength and toughness with cryogenic conditions to self extinguish.

4. It is stable to energy rays such as chloride, apathy, as well as ultraviolet light.

Detection Report Form:

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Attributing to the excellent weather resistance and stability of PVDF membrane, it is now widely used in various climatic conditions in industrial and civilian construction on the surfaces, underground, PAB walls, indoor, etc., engineering aspects such as subway station, HSR Station, industrial plumbing and other fields of waterproof embalming, particularly suitable for steel structural plate roof embalming, shock absorption, also applied to solar backbones, outdoor doors and windows, shutters, drapes, railings banister, garagedoors and so on, It is especially suitable for severe environments such as high temperature, cold, high humidity, salt mist and windy sand.


Derived Products

PVDF butyl water repellent coil / tape: PVDF fluorocarbon membrane the butyl water repellent coil is a non pitch based polymer rubber water repellent material integrated with a super water tolerant polyvinylidene fluoride PVDF membrane as the surface main water barrier, high-quality butyl rubber and polyisobutylene etc. as base material, using advanced fully automated production line composite. Coupled with the extremely low airtight water tightness and weather resistance of butyl glue, the PVDF membrane butyl waterproof material has been durable for more than 25 years.

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