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Damping Gasket with Thermal and Sound Insulation Performance

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Damping sheet, also known as mastic or damping block, is a kind of viscoelastic material attached to the inner surface of the vehicle body, which is close to the steel plate wall of the vehicle body. It is mainly used to reduce noise and vibration, that is to say, damping effect. All cars are equipped with damping plates, such as Benz, BMW and other brands. In addition, other machines that need shock absorption and noise reduction, such as aerospace vehicles and airplanes, also use damping plates. Butyl rubber composes metal aluminum foil to form vehicle damping rubber material, which belongs to the category of damping and shock absorption. The high damping property of butyl rubber makes it a damping layer to reduce vibration waves. Generally, the sheet metal material of vehicles is thin, and it is easy to generate vibration during driving, high-speed driving and bumping. After the damping and filtering of the damping rubber, the waveform changes and weakens, achieving the purpose of reducing noise. It is a widely used Efficient automobile sound insulation material.

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The damping sheet made of butyl rubber has stable physical and chemical properties, excellent vibration and noise reduction, heat resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance and strong adhesion. No irritation to human skin, no corrosion to metal, plastic, rubber and other materials. The best temperature range: 25 ℃ ± 10 ℃.

Application Scope

● Vibration reduction and silencing of various aerospace vehicles and instruments and equipment on the aircraft.

● Vibration and noise reduction of various traffic vehicles.

● Anti noise and mute of air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine and other household appliances.

● Vibration reduction and noise prevention of other mechanical vibration bodies.

Damping sheet (2)
Damping sheet (1)(1)
Damping sheet (1)

Construction Precautions

1. The construction surface shall be free of dust, grease, loose mortar and other impurities

2. Remove the backing paper, paste one end of the tape onto the surface of the base material, and then smooth and compact it.

3. It is then pressed sufficiently over its entire length to obtain good initial adhesion.

4. It is better to wear gloves when using materials.

5. Place the plane in a dry and cool place.

6. Please read the construction instructions carefully before installation. In addition, the car sound-absorbing cotton is used in the best proportion to eliminate the high-frequency shape, so as to achieve the maximum efficiency.

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