One Board Supporting the Sky

  • Magnesium Oxide Board

    Magnesium Oxide Board

    Magnesium oxide boards are acclaimed in modern architecture as high-performance, eco-friendly materials due to their exceptional fire resistance, mold resistance, and environmental attributes. Whether used for interior and exterior wall structures, flooring, or ceilings, we offer extensive customization options to meet the diverse requirements of different application scenarios. Choosing the right magnesium oxide board is straightforward, as adaptations in the board’s formula, thickness, and dimensions are all that is required to meet your needs. There is no need to differentiate between various types.

  • MgO Imitation Marble Exterior Wall Panels

    MgO Imitation Marble Exterior Wall Panels

    When magnesium oxide boards are used for exterior walls, they inherently lack decorative effects. Thus, we have developed a decorative version of these boards—MgO Imitation Marble Exterior Wall Panels

  • MgO Decorative Panels

    MgO Decorative Panels

    Magnesium oxide boards are widely used in the architectural design sector due to their superior fireproof, moisture-resistant properties, and environmental friendliness. 

  • Functional MgO Panels

    Functional MgO Panels

    Functional magnesium oxide boards, including sandwich panels, acoustic panels, and soundproof panels, have wide applications in architectural design due to their unique functionalities. Below is a detailed introduction to the non-magnesium oxide raw materials, manufacturing processes, functional characteristics, and applications for these three types of boards.