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Butyl Waterproof Coiled Material

Short Description:

Aluminum foil and non-woven fabric butyl waterproof coiled material is a self-adhesive non asphalt polymer rubber waterproof material with metal aluminum foil as the main waterproof layer on the surface and butyl rubber and a variety of environmental protection additives through special processes. This product has strong adhesion, excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and water resistance, and plays the role of sealing, shock absorption and protection on the surface of the adherend. This product is completely solvent-free, so it does not shrink and will not emit toxic gases. It is an extremely advanced environmental protection waterproof sealing material.

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Product Features

1. The county has outstanding aging resistance, and the odor resistance is about 10% higher than that of natural rubber and unsaturated rubber. It can be exposed to sunlight and air for a long time, not easy to aging, low temperature resistance - 40C, high temperature resistance 120 ℃.

2. Excellent air and water tightness, air permeability is about 1 / 20 of natural rubber, acid and alkali resistance and insulation. Excellent performance, it is a characteristic product used in underground waterproof engineering;

3. It is an environmental friendly product, non polluting and non flammable, especially suitable for colored steel tiles, colored steel sheets, waterproof and other metals. Roof waterproof, old roof maintenance, original waterproof layer need not be removed;

4. Cold construction, simple operation, self-service maintenance, waterproof construction in winter at - 10 ° C can still be carried out;

5. It is one of the most cost-effective waterproof materials at present, and the waterproof service life of exposed roof is more than 10 years.

Aluminum Foil (1)
Aluminum Foil (2)

Scope of Application

This product can be applied on any dry and firm base. It is applicable to the roof, underground, toilet and bathroom of industrial and civil buildings in various climatic environments, bridges and culverts, anti-seepage, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, as well as the waterproof maintenance works of old roofs such as various steel structures. Simple operation, safe construction, no heating, just tear off the isolation layer and paste it, saving time and effort.

Aluminum Foil-1
Aluminum Foil
Aluminum Foil-2

Product Specifications

Aluminum Foil (1)

Matters Needing Attention

1. The construction temperature must be above -10 ℃.

2. The construction base surface must be cleaned, kept dry, free of water, oil and other stains, and the surface shall not be sanded.

3. After pasting, it must be troweled and polished without bulge, peeling and sanding.

4. During storage and transportation, the coiled materials should be stacked horizontally and stored in a dry and ventilated environment to prevent sunlight and rain.

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