Refuse To Suffer! 6. Select High-Quality Butyl Tape From All Aspects

With the continuous development and application of butyl rubber waterproof, a variety of butyl rubber products have been widely used in all walks of life.

Butyl rubber is the synthetic rubber material with the best air tightness so far, which is widely used, such as our bubble gum and gum of the same year; When the inner tube of the tire, the stopper of the medicine bottle, etc. are widely used and in high demand, the quality of the products on the market will be uneven, and some even cannot compare with the price of asphalt. Then how to distinguish high-quality butyl rubber? Let's take you from six aspects.

Refuse To Suffer! 6. Select High-Quality Butyl Tape From All Aspects

1. Adhesion holding force
In the JCT 942-2004 standard "butyl rubber waterproof sealing adhesive tape", a 70*25mm sample of butyl tape is pasted on two steel plates, and then hung on the steel plate with a kilogram weight. The butyl tape should not fall off for 20 minutes, and this index is qualified.

2. Peel strength
This is a very important parameter to judge the advantages and disadvantages of butyl rubber. The standard requirement is greater than or equal to 0.6n/mm, which is a basic judgment parameter. Now many products on the market are relatively soft, and the products with unqualified peel strength will curl if there is a little stress and temperature on the bonded surface.

3. Heat resistance
According to the industry standard, butyl tape needs to be at 80 ℃ for 2 hours without cracking, flowing and deformation, so it can be regarded as a qualified product. Generally, butyl rubber products are mostly used for roofing, and the waterproof of facade is more common; If it fails to meet the requirements, the waterproof and sealing performance will be greatly reduced.

4. Elastic recovery rate
The so-called elastic recovery refers to that after the butyl tape is stretched to a certain extent, it can automatically recover its shrinkage. The larger the proportion of shrinkage, the higher the performance of the tape and the more glue content. So when choosing, you can try stretching to see how resilient it is.

5. Weather resistance
The aluminum film on the surface of single-sided butyl tape is the key to weather resistance, which can reflect ultraviolet rays and increase the strength of the tape. In fact, the application of butyl tape directly in buildings is best not to be exposed. Now our most common pet aluminized film composite butyl adhesive in the market. After several months and up to half a year, the PET film has been exposed to the direct rays of the sun. Although the aluminum foil can also reflect UV light, it has no strength. It will break when pressed with your fingers, and the PET film will break when there is external stress.

6. Manufacturer
The best choice is to choose a reliable and powerful manufacturer to cooperate.

Post time: Jul-17-2022