Our factory tackles vulcanized butyl rubber products

Our factory tackles vulcanized butyl rubber products. By adding catalyst into the formula, the rubber will undergo a certain degree of vulcanization reaction. In this way, the molecular chain of rubber polymer becomes more stable, and the high-temperature resistance of vulcanized butyl rubber can reach 120 ℃ to 200 ℃. After coating or extruding the slightly vulcanized finished rubber, it will be applied in the fields of building waterproofing and automobile sealing, and will remain stable without flowing when the outdoor temperature reaches the peak.

At the same time, through the holding viscosity test, the holding viscosity solution will last for half an hour without standing.

Only in the process of physical rubber mixing, if the high temperature colloid at 80 ℃ does not flow, the proportion of butyl rubber needs to be very high, but in the process of chemical reaction, the rubber content does not need to be very high to achieve the performance of high temperature does not flow, and the viscosity and viscosity are very considerable! This will reduce some costs.

If you have a special application scenario, need the high performance of butyl rubber, and want to have a beautiful price, please contact us by email!

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Post time: Mar-03-2023