How To Construct Butyl Self-Adhesive Waterproof Coiled

The reason why butyl rubber cold self-adhesive waterproof membrane has been well evaluated is mainly because it has strong environmental protection performance and can completely replace asphalt. It is a material with good air tightness and water tightness, and has good chemical stability. Long service life, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, water resistance, sealing, sound insulation and braking performance can not be compared with other polymer materials.

The quality of waterproof materials is directly related to the effect of waterproof engineering, and the waterproof effect is also closely related to the construction method. The construction of butyl rubber self-adhesive waterproof membrane is convenient, and the cold method construction is completed at one time, so as to improve the working conditions, improve the construction effect of waterproof engineering, and adapt to the foundation deformation. The overall adhesion method of high-quality butyl rubber self-adhesive waterproof membrane is recommended for roof construction.


1. Butyl rubber self-adhesive waterproof film should be flat and straight when pasting, and the size of the fresh-keeping film should be accurate. It should not be stretched, twisted or bent. It should be carried out according to the pasting sequence. The overlap of roll and coil is an important part of the waterproof project. The construction should be uniform and meticulous, and the bonding rate should reach 100%.

2. For the double-sided butyl rubber to be unfolded, unfold the self-adhesive waterproof membrane on the base, tear off the separation membrane, lay it flat, and use acrylic plate to harden the drum on the foundation surface Butyl rubber cold self-adhesive waterproof coiled material

3. Before laying a large area of the reel, carefully clean the foundation surface. The effect of foundation cleaning has a certain impact on the packaging effect of the roll.

In fact, this is only a rough construction work, and each engineer can do it according to his own understanding and personal skills. But there are still precautions in the project. 

For example:

1. The base course of the construction surface shall be flat, firm and uneven, and there shall be no loose bulge. If there are prominent sand and stone particles, they should be leveled. Before construction, the floating objects in the base should be cleaned and the high-pressure blower should be used to remove dust. Butyl rubber cold self-adhesive waterproof coiled material

2. When paving the waterproof membrane, start from the lower edge of the roof water slope, overlap along the water flow, and the overlapping width at the joint of the reel is 2-10 cm.

3. For the waterproof maintenance of the old roof, first check whether the original waterproof layer and foundation surface are firm, and then decide whether to renovate or repair.

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Post time: Jul-17-2022